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COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated august 24 1 at 5:00pm.

updates regarding the 2020-2021 return-to-school plan at our new facility are being shared with families via individual emails from our Admissions Team. All families should receive a package no later than Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Packages will only be shared with committed families. For prospective families, please reach out to the Admissions Department directly to request a copy of the plan.

In light of the evolving reality of COVID-19, Everest Academy is constantly working to ensure the health and safety of our community as well as working to ensure that the education of our students continues. Currently, the school building is closed until further notice. Starting Monday March 23, Everest Academy moved to an online delivery of our school program for all grades.

Ongoing communication will be provided to existing families through EOLC. Previous communications from the school are listed below.

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covid-19 online learning response

We are so grateful for the phenomenal work done by our teachers and staff to get our classes up and running, and appreciate the feedback we’ve been receiving from parents along the way!


Please prepare a suitable work area for students. Ideally a permanently set up area where a computer is available and a surface to do typical school work. Ideally students will have access to a printer as well although we realize not all families can make that happen if not already in place. If possible, the student work area should be somewhat isolated from areas where background noise would be a distraction. Parents (and students) will be encouraged to maintain a log/journal of their participation each day. A journal/log will be essential for Everest to confirm the delivery of programs this way to support the issuing of credits ultimately.

Any families who were away or unable to pick up their study materials during the week of March 16 can contact their Vice Principal to arrange for potential access to the School.

Teachers have communicated to their students how to connect and how their specific class will operate online. Online classes have begun with great success. As we move forward, students and teachers will continue to refine and learn in order to optimize the learning for each and every student.

For the fitness side of our program, Everest students from grades 7-PG will continue to have full access to their workouts through their individual accounts. We will also be adding movement/mobility workouts on non-workout days (15-20 min long). The goal is to move each day. If students require modifications of any kind they can message Coach Andrew Martin and Coach Geoff Schomogyi through the app. For the younger students, the teachers will supply direction on this area.

The athletic department or team coaches will send out a variety of at-home drills the students can do through the week to continue to hone skills as needed. 

Everest will provide support for students who need help connecting for their online learning. During the school day, support will be offered online via Zoom:

You can also contact us via email at

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