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Everest Academy

Cognitive Development Program

beginning fall 2020



Beginning Fall 2020, Everest Academy has begun a unique and completely one-of-a-kind engagement with the Gordie Howe Research Institute (GHRI) through the Pelino Athletic Performance Centre. All Everest Academy student-athletes will have access to the Institute’s Performance Training Services which will be delivered weekly to students right on-site at our new campus. Packages will be sent to families in early August.

Services will include cognition, memory, balance, symmetry, coordination and reaction training, utilizing software and hardware from PAPC, as well as selected vendors including Canon Medical Systems Canada and Microgate USA.

Everest Academy student-athletes will also be able to access the advanced injury management resources at the Pelino Athletic Performance Centre in Thorold, ON, including additional testing and consultation, physiotherapy, chiropractors, strength enhancement, imaging services, and more.

Access to the Pelino resources are typically limited to professional athletes. We are their initial Educational collaborator in Ontario and Everest Academy student-athletes will be amongst the first students to gain access to these phenomenal resources.

This engagement underlies everest academy’s continuing commitment to the mental and physical well-being of all of our student-athletes, and to better prepare our students to handle the additional types of training that come in the pursuit of elite athletics.

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