The Everest Academy Food Program: More than Just a Meal

The Everest Academy Food Program: More than just a Meal

Inspiring, Educating & Creating Positive, Life-Long Habits

Our Ethos is to “Feed the Human” because before they are athletes, students are human and they need to enjoy what they eat. That’s why our food offerings are real, familiar and taste amazing without compromising the intended purpose: to provide the right food that empowers and gives young athletes the right fuel to perform & recover!

At each meal served, Wellness Chef Muto speaks to the plate component, educating and answering questions about the meal. Each week, fresh fruit is served as well as whole grain dairy free and nut free baked goods. Treats that are wholesome and tasty!

We are dedicated to supporting our community using locally sourced foods from Vaughan Farms, then Ontario, then Canada, and then abroad. Selected Fridays highlight Local food establishments to provide a “Food Fun Day” meal – quality foods that meet our standards and are fun for our school community.

Everything in our Food Program is designed to inspire young people to take their food seriously, and mostly, to enjoy their food in good health. It is a lifelong education that continues at School but begins at Home!

With that, we are excited to the launch the Everest Kitchen Food & Nutrition Programs;

  • Player Meals-to-Go,
  • Family Carry-Out,
  • Team Meals & Nutrition Sessions,
  • Special Event & Everyday Catering, and
  • The Everest Kitchen Pantry

These programs, exclusive to the Everest Community, are available now through the Everest Food & Nutrition Webpage. Proudly and safely managed by Wellness Chef Andy Muto and his Team; bringing you the same great quality products prepared with care and many years of experience.

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We'd love to hear from you!

We'd love to hear from you!